Jannika Röding- Professionell nagelspecialist hos Sabai Sabai Spa.

My driving force.

I am trained and specialized in nail care, a craft I have been active in since 1984. 
To me nail care is not just an occupation but a genuine interest and passion.

I have always been fascinated by hands. They tell You so much about a person and their personality. They are the tools You use the most in Your everyday life and reveals a lot about how You are feeling and who You are.

Hands are also the most important tool of our body in terms of meeting other people and as a working asset that we use in our daily life. In my profession I have the privilige to not only help people highlight and intensify the beauty of their hands, increasing the confidence, but also the opportunity to meet so many interesting people.

As I am a cruious person by nature, and the personal meeting always have been central in my choises of trade, it became natural for me to also immerse myself in study of psychology. I find the conversations during a treatment often being as important as the nail care itself. Perhaps that is another reason for my clients returning frequently. 

To conclude, my driving force is satisfied csutomers that is a result of high quality and client care in the personal meeting.

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